There are two active ingredients of "Best Practice" in softline/textile testing:

Home laundering is a very basic end-use environment for garment/soft toys...

And safety is a basic quality of all consumer goods.

So, it is one of "Best Practice" to adopt home laundering as the core process in product integrity & testing.

Verification is also a "Best Practice" and can be used throughout QA process to ensure consistent & reliable test results.

For the benefit of customers, safety tests, according to CPSIA, CPSC, EN71 and ASTM F963.... should be also conducted after home laundering procedures -- a very basic end-use environment as a core of product integrity process.

Mechanical safety tests are especially important !

Unlike chemical tests…, poor product mechanical safety is mainly caused by bad workmanship & product design. Therefore, product mechanical safety should be well tested throughout the process from product design to its end-use conditions.

  To simulate home laundering (a very basic end-use environment), there are 3 basic requirements:
  Standard Washer / Dryer
    Dummy Loading / Standard Ballast
    Standard Reference Detergent / Domestic Detergent

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